clase azul plataclase azul plata


Clase Azul Plata – Clase azul Plata tequila

clase azul plata

An ultra-premium tequila made 100% from Tequilana Weber Blue Agaves This silver tequila
offers a surprising hint of sweetness and completely smooth flavor profile that makes it
perfect to drink neat or in premium cocktails.
Tequila Clase Azul Plata’s is bright, crisp, and always refreshing. Its artisanal elaboration
results in irresistible notes that combine softness with a touch of sweetness. Clase Azul Plata’s
is a sublime experience for the senses.

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Tasting Notes
COLOR: Crystalline, bright with silver sparkles
BODY: Light to medium
AROMA: Fresh aromas of orange, lemon, and mint. Hints of vanilla, green apple, and green
FLAVOR: Vanilla, Meyer lemon, fresh mint, and a touch of green guava.
Bottle Size: 750ml


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