Clase Azul Dia de Los Muertos 2020Clase Azul Dia de Los Muertos 2020


Clase Azul Dia de Los Muertos 2020

Clase Azul released 2,000 bottles worldwide of Día de Muertos, a tequila blend of

the brand’s Plata and Reposado aged eight months in oak barrels, and Clase Azul Ultra,
which has been aged five years in reclaimed sherry barrels.

The release celebrates the Day of the Dead, a holiday celebrated by Mexicans for more than 3,000 years.
With a golden color and fragrant scent,

it offers tastes of vanilla, oak, nutty toffee, white
pepper, and other savory flavors.

Colored in bone white, a skull motif is carved at the bottom and is adorned with the
marigolds mentioned above to represent the mystical aspects of the holiday.

A true masterpiece.


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