Blanton’s Straight From The Barrel 750ml




Blanton’s Straight From The Barrel 750ml

Blanton’s Straight From The Barrel Bourbon, we have a very excellent, yet affordable single barrel bourbon in our range. Its sweetish flavor profile is accompanied by a floral nose, yet showing surprising undertones of vanilla and citrus. This edition of Blanton’s Special Reserve Bourbon is intended exclusively for export and duty-free trade. Blanton’s Special Reserve is not available in Kentucky USA, the home of this bourbon whiskey. We are very pleased that Blantons Distillery is making a special edition available for export. The very finely structured Blanton’s Bourbon is bottled in Kentucky at 40% vol. in an exceptionally beautiful 700 ml bottle.

Blanton’s Special Reserve Bourbon

The tasting note for the Blanton’s Special Reserve Single Barrel Bourbon:

COLOR: amber

NOSE: The Blanton’s Special Reserve Bourbon shows a dry citrus aroma, which appears with a hint of sultanas. A hint of vanilla and exotic spice rounds off the perfect aroma picture.

TASTE: The sweet citrus notes are accompanied by vanilla and honey. The wonderful structure of this Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey shows a great balance in the taste.

FINISH: The crisp finish of this Blanton’s Special Reserve offers notes of spices and a hint of cinnamon-apple.

Overall impression of the Blanton’s Special Reserve Kentucky Single Barrel Bourbon:

The Bourbon distillery based in Kentucky bottles a very successful single barrel bourbon with this Special Reserve Bourbon Whiskey. This Blanton’s Whiskey is perfect for pure enjoyment, also on ice. However, if you prefer to prepare a tasty cocktail with bourbon whiskey, this Blanton’s Special Reserve Bourbon is the perfect product. A bourbon of this class is rarely available for this affordable price. If you consider that the Special Reserve is also a single barrel bottling, this fact is all the more astonishing. Blanton’s Special Reserve is one of the most successful bourbons in its segment.

Summary of the Blantons Special Reserve Bourbon:

Type: Bourbon Whiskey
Recipe: Grain – Rye – Malted Barley
Cask Type: White Oak
Filtration: Chill – Filtered Colour: Amber Warehouse


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